Feb 20

Shawn G: Back

well hey boys I am back ,and i plan to try and stay for a while I want to connect with my old friends that were so dear to me and i want to make my way into some new ones well i want them to make their way inside of me is more truthful but either way as long as we can come in the end,i was away working to get things in order as retirement is creeping up on me pretty fast so i had to make sure i would be able to live the way i am used to living and i plan to live it up in my years to cum and i would like nothing more than to share some of that with you all new and old so i say welcome to my chat room and i hope that i do not do to many things to offend you in any way but beware i am very bold and aggressive and a complete freak so if i do offend you i am very sorry

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