Oct 09

Camilo Ferrer: A Desire

I have had difficult days with connection problems and not being able to transmit on the page.I had to buy a new computer and it lowered my price a lot on the page, but I hope that everything will improve.if you are reading this I need your help to continue transmitting here. You can help me by giving me points or powerscore and giving tips even if it’s the smallest.I really like what I am doing and I want to have the opportunity to grow and learn more every day.and thank you for lending me attention

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Oct 05

Dylan Moreno: History Youth

It seems like a joke to see me here telling this.But the sexual madness that causes me every simple memory makes me dare to caress the veils of lust again)It all started with a group of friends, we were the typical group of idiots in the city, the descriptions of each are over. We had the habit of getting together and chatting about issues almost as stupid as we were and about our virgin lives.I was the Homosexual of the group, openly homosexual would say, the others, pseudo heterosexual. We made a “good group of boys” I must admit.Touching sexual issues for them was just normal, nobody talked about something really interesting for me, but the morbid was always there. One afternoon at Luis’s house, one of the boys, we realized that we were alone (Luis’s family had gone out, which was quite strange, I must say) so the sexual talk flourished as never before, rising in tone and with obvious excitement of all (!) so Luis took the laptop and got into the most exciting pages of pornography that, according to him, he knew.Of course that scene radiated heterosexuality everywhere, for my part, I must admit, there was a lot of morbidity of course, so in an oversight and more for what they would think! I put Gay porn, the best videos, those that I had dedicated so many masturbations back. Their faces were shocked but there was not a hint of dislike, Come on! As you will not like such a morbid scene (I thought)No one said anything, they just looked, and while they did, I noticed the erection of two of them, and to be honest I didn’t expect “that reaction”He finished the video and did not dare to ask me to put another but I know they would have lovedThey did not comment on the matter that he remembers, but his erections were more than evident, so the environment became much more sexual, asking each other questions about preferences in bed (as if we had already had an experience) and it was among those raised questions of tone when, Luis, asked me if I liked to be penetrated … I explained the sexual roles and said NO, I am active.For some silly reason we already felt more confident (as if that were not enough)Our erections were more than obvious and we could not hide them so someone started joking about it and it seemed that nobody bothered us, at this point we were very excited! I stopped to go to the bathroom and left them, the bathroom was on the ground floor (we were on the second floor) so I got off and all I remember is that characteristic “house silence” that gets disturbed. When I left the bathroom Luis was outside the door, I assumed he wanted to enter, joked about the erotic comments of the boys and I could barely understand what he heard, it seems that he did not care that his pants show that erection, so I pointed out and I joked that he is also very hot, he looked at me and smiled …He told me, -You-, if the environment lent itself to something, I had my erection complete, so in a rather strange turn (if it doesn’t sound predictable) he told me that he would show me his cock if I showed him mine, I get pretty cool, there was no hint of that guy, but he knew that I was Gay and even knew my role … So I accepted.He started to lower his pants leaving in boxers, which he lowered and jumped his cock, which to my surprise was very small! I had never seen anything so small, not even in porn videos, but I really didn’t think I would, and I was still in Shock, but I go back to the same thing, the situation was already very exciting, so I agreed to comply, I I lowered my pants and staying in boxers I remember his look in my package, completely erect and already with the wet tip of precum which wet the boxer … When he lowered the boxer his face changed to surprise, and ran up with the boys . I put on my pants and followed … what’s up ?! I thought, will this idiot tell you what we did? (As if we really care after all, but we all know that there is a very thin line between the erotic chats and getting our penis in front of another) besides … What had amazed you? It doesn’t take long to know …I was “showing off” (so I put) my package … That, considering yours, if it was very large! They all looked at each other and to my surprise they asked me to show it to them, I was already excited enough to refuse, the morbidity that caused me to be asked to lower my pants I have not felt again …So I lowered my boxer and my cock came out, thick, 21cm and already dripping with precum, the glans shone by the same pre, my good-sized eggs also hanging from such a beast. Everyone in shock … I remember every look on my cock …It was late and the boys started to leave, we said goodbye and went home …When I got home, I masturbated like never before, I think I had never left so much milk from my cock like that day, I lay down on my bed and had an erection again … I caressed it and gradually began to fall asleep, when I received a message├ó┬ŽIt was Luis, who was telling me”Sorry it’s a bit late, I keep thinking about your cock.”What happened next was certainly the best!Lol…. lol…

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