Oct 27

Oliver Rolland: She...

She, calm and ardent, came up to the window. Nothing covered his opulent body. The light coming through the huge windows bathed his tanned skin. He had no shame in showing his body to anyone who would walk down the street at his feet. More than one man stopped to look at her. More than one woman too. Others, scandalized, covered their Gentlemen eyes with the palm of their hand.Gigi, standing in front of the window watched the reactions and smiled with lust. In less than two minutes he had a gentleman’s tail of indefinite civil standing at his door, clamoring for attention in a certain part of his body. But she refused to open the door of her house. Oliver came up from behind and hugged her. I would like to have some adventure with you serious Ecxitante

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Oct 27

Alex Griffin: My 1st Week Online

My life was pretty difficult coming out of the closet, but ones I started to change my life and committed to guys I became intense happy. I am proud to have discovered my true self. I always knew about the live cam sites online, and I woke up one day not so long ago with the idea ” I will do this ” and started to browse this website. It took me many days to find out how this worked and how to make an account for me as a model. When they approved it I was very very happy. My fantasy started to grow. I hade a hard dick the whole day. My 1st day was very hot, I had a hard dick every time someone complimented me for my dancing and stripping. I like the attention. I love compliments. I have my 2 super dildo friends always next to me and look at them with hungry eyes. I spoke to guests on the site and tried to give them a warm welcome. They leave without saying something, this was difficult for me. I felt rejected. But then I realized they are not yet a member with a username. This not matters to me, I think everyone should feel welcome to talk to me, maybe I can change their minds and become an active member. I opened up on the 3rd day, after many compliments I felt more secure. More Happier. I will write soon more on my blog. Hugs, Alex

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Oct 18

Rojas S: The Return

I come from the dark background of a relentless night,and I contemplate the stars with a gesture of astonishment.When I get to your door I confess guilt,and a white dove perches on my shoulder.My humble heart stops at your doorwith his hand outstretched like an old beggar;and your dog barks at me in the garden,because, in spite of everything, he is still my friend.At last the rose grew that did not growand now he offers his roses behind the iron gate:I have also changed a lot since that day,for they have no stars the nights of exile.Maybe your soul is open behind the closed door;but when you open your door, as it opens to a beggar,look at me sweetly, without asking me anything,and you will know that I have not returned … because I was with you!

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Oct 17

Michael Stuart: One Day in the Nature

I love the nature and the animals one morning I decided to go out to gait to an ecological park that exists in my city when it comes to my destination it was wonderful.there were many birds, the morning was really sunny, making use that the place was alone I undressed extracted my small camera and took some pictures suddenly I felt the sensation of being observed, looked around and could see a boy obserbandome and taking pictures to me with its cell phone that instead of worrying I manage to get excited I could not conceal my erection the boy approached me and after a small conversation we had sex in the park

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