Oct 22

Johnny Cooper: My Cousin Made Me Wet

Last Friday was hanging out in Annex occupying my cousin, I went to help a little clean as was alone decided to put some music on the radio was playing a very sensual reaggeton -I know many of you do not You will like that kind of music, but it seems to me amused I started to dance to the music by moving my waist sensually, not knowing that my cousin had arrived and I was watching.Suddenly he came to dance too and stood behind me, at first I was just very close but as the song progressed began placing his hands on my waist, my thighs, almost was touching my ass, that began to wear restless I admit, so I started to approach it the ass and before I knew what was brushing in the crotch. Better not, that man began to stick to my body while I was still playing, buttocks, arms.Honestly I could not find do not know if I was more nervous than excited or vice versa, and it turns out there came the most intense. I lifted a little buttocks with his hands and began rubbing the package against ass over clothes when I felt that I had finished wet, I knew that to continue so I would end up giving it all, so I stopped dead and I told him that we left it better that way.- Why? You do not like? (He told me)- It’s because this has much fondling (I replied)- Jajajajajaja watch me go, do not be unfriendly to me.And it has taken that Verga stop just see it almost gives me a heart attack. Such was the impression I ran and left the annex to medium cleaning. But was so excited that as soon as I got home I went straight to the shower, when I pulled the thong was soaked, what a shame! Even the shorts were too wet, I had a terrible masturbated me, biting the towel is clear, otherwise not only my mom but the whole block had heard the moans of pleasure that I would escape.Since then I’ve been doing crazy, avoiding my cousin as much as possible, I dare not see his face, I’m sure you had to notice the shorts all wet, I was about to let me catch up with him and like little , achievement not forget the thick vergota spent, I continued to play imagining that grabbed her and give a good blowjob that naked in front of him and let him touch me everywhere do you think they say? Should I go further? Do not know how I’m going to do with this hormonal uproar charge.A kiss for everyone.

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Oct 20

Mike Mickey: Happy Halloween

Out for a hike in the mountains you were, u had just fallen through the ground to your doom, you tried to grasp to no evail, if only you hadn’t chewed on your fingernails, smacked good on a rocky bottom into a room with a brand new sunlight you just put in and looking up through it trying to understand how you got in and now thinking maybe u could get to the top again if you tried too. A good ten to fifteen feet you dropped into what appears to be a treasure room, gaint chests of gold and jewels, statues of alabaster and marble abound also littering the bottom ground weapons of silver held by skeletons in armor swept in mounds lay about in dusty clouds seeming as you had landed into what now might also be your tomb as you gaze at a pair of yellowish red eyes staring, glistening with hungry intent directly at you. Scarlet colored scales sunken to the bone on a face with a fanged smile beaming down with only its grimace poking from out from a shadow in the ceiling corner with an eager Malice and grin. “What have you brought me to eat” a raspy voice screeched “I hope its something sweet” the creature continued to speaks. Ive been so lonely wishing for a delicious treat what a coincidence we would meet..

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Oct 15

Ricardo Millos: Ser Joven En Latinoamerica

América Latina tiene 108 millones de jóvenes entre 15 y 24 años de edad, de los cuales el 13,9 % (15 millones) padecen el desempleo, según un informe de la Organización Internacional del Trabajo (OIT) de 2013, y el 55,6 % de los ocupados se encuentran en condiciones de informalidad, lo cual ha generado expresiones de movilización ciudadana en los países de la región, y ha despertado la preocupación de los gobiernos con distintos matices de acción; algunos lo ven como un asunto de gobernabilidad y estabilidad institucional, y otroS como una oportunidad de inclusión social y desarrollo democrático.Colombia no es ajena a esta situación, en el país, el 47 % de los desempleados son jóvenes, y la tasa de desempleo juvenil es del 15,7 %, de acuerdo con el boletín técnico de mayo del Dane; es decir, dos puntos porcentuales por encima del promedio regional. Un estimado de 1.993.800 personas carecen de oportunidades para ejercer sus derechos a plenitud.

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