Oct 23

Mike Bannacheck: Facticity of Fake News

All American journalism is not ‘yellow’, though all strictly ‘up-to-date’ yellow journalism is American!”Yellow Journalism was the term coined by newscasters in New York in the late 1890âs. It was used to describe (originally) sensational news that appeared in â~New York Worldâ owned by none other then Joseph Pulitzer himself. The use of Color images and bold headlines used to grab readers attention was frowned upon by more astute journals. However it has been suggested that the New York World played a part in convincing the populace to support the 1898 Spanish American War. If those journalists could only see the headlines today! The act of innocent suggestion has evolved into precise manipulation by foreign actors and others who have a sinister agenda. Instead of Yellow Journalism we have âFake News.â The thirst for information combined with societies ever shortening attention span has created a fiction that citizens hold as true. News is increasingly being personalised and itâs true that a person usually seeks out a viewpoint which matches their biases and preconceived notions. Everyone is entitled to an opinion however no one is entitled to their own facts.News has become a advertising strategy for major corporations in addition to stagecraft. The reporting of long lines on launch day to âleaksâ about the next flagship device are direct examples of this. Black Friday for instance is only a big deal because reporters are so fixated on it. The ânewâ Cyber Monday is their next conquest.So dear reader, how does one learn any actual truth in such a perverted landscape? Clearly the media have given up on their oath to be a beacon for the people. If fighting misinformation wasnât bad enough we also have our own brain wiring to thank for being influenced so easily by covert means. Cognitive dissonance combined with with circular patterns of reasoning have us chained to our own fictions. Any new narrative is discarded automatically before it can even whisper to our conscious mind. We have abandoned any semblance of an informed society and Iâm afraid in this stage of late capitalism the discombobulating echoes of what passes as current events will only get more severe.

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Oct 13

Jeto Clomet: Sex Thing

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Oct 09

Alan Coinneach: Brand New Experiences

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