Jun 22

Darin Reese: My First Day 2018-06-18

I chose to take the dive and experience this. It has been a splash for sure. I enjoy chat with guests, and potential and customers. I like being their enteretainment while having loads of fun each chat, Party mode, and Private mode basically just broadcasting. I llok forward happily to anticipate what my future holds as a webcam Model.Thank You Eye Candy Web Model and Flirt4Free for the opportunity.Darin Reese

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Jun 19

Carter Myles: Why I Vape!

Hey guys! First blog post on here 🙂 Now I’m going to talk about why I vape. You see me do it all the time when I am online. First off, I started smoking cigarettes when I was 6 years old 🙁 Yea….. and I kept smoking till I was 14. Then I finally quit. But as a lot of people know it is hard to stay off once you have quit. Some of my friends started vaping, so I got into it as well. Now I can happily say I have not smoked a cigarette in years. And for those of you who don’t know, vaping is about 100x safer than cigarettes. Do your research before making assumptions.

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Jun 18

Brad Connor: Mi Llegada a Colombia Medellin

April 13, I set out to travel to Colombia in search of happiness, like the name of a well-known film hahahaha leaving everything in Venezuela I settle in this beautiful country that with much love opened my arms and welcomed me, it is hard to leave everything you want, it is difficult to leave your loved ones, but, “when it plays it plays” hahaha putting the chest to life and above all my interminable struggle to get my happiness, as it was achieved by the protagonist of such a good movie, the nobody told me that it would be easy hahahaha but, as they say there, what that comes easy easy goes, rule of life, greetings everyone is unconditionally loved , I hope to find people with good conversation topics, I hope to find people with good principles and values ââbecause despite what I consider to be the most important thing to have a very good relationship, I hate lies and betrayal I like above all the transparency I am more than believing in loyalty and in unconditional love ,I still know people I keep analyzing people and from there I see who can give me good energy and good chemistry greetings again and thanks for taking the time to read this little reviewGreetings everyone wantsWORLD, I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON TO MY ROOM I HOPE TO CHAT WITH YOU AND above all I hope you ENJOY MY PRIVATE THAT I WILL LIKE YOU WILL BE CAREFUL AND THEY WILL BE GOOD TO ME, IF YOU WANT TO CARRY BAD ONLY BETWEEN MY SAlA AND I WILL PROMISE YOU THAT WE WE CARRY BAD THE TWO JAJAJAJAJAJA

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