Nov 28

Lorenzo Valentine: Ramble with Me

Today I decided to write my first entry on a whim. I have no objectives, yet, but ramble tends to be my nature anyway.For those who know me not, I am Lorenzo. Here, I am free. Here, I am able to express my inner most fantasies in the outermost of ways.Inside me lies a restless entertainer; full of live that yearns to break free!Tonight I shall listen to the demands of the deviant queer within me who enables me to make a spectacle of myself for my own entertainment. For if I am not being entertained, then what am I doing?I have never found it convincing the argument that someone ought to deal with it and grind harder, but I do not grind, no ma’am. I hustle hard. By that I mean I do what needs to be done given the constraints placed upon you. I have found the act of hustling much more genius than it is generally accredited. In fact, not only is ‘hustling’ not given the credit it deserves, it is commonly used interchangably with deceiving. But, though to ‘hustle someone’ is most certainly to deceive someone, hustling is not about deception. I am not a deceptive person, but I am a hustler. I find smart solutions to problems. Like efficient ones. I do what needs to be done, and that’s what I do, nothing more, nothing less. It’s like finding a shortcut, and not because you’re lazy, but because you can.XOXOLorenzo

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Nov 28

Big Joeyd: Specials

In honor of Thanksgiving and to show my appreciation for everyone’s support, I am offering deals. Be sure to check out the deals page on! Also, if you have spent a certain amount of credits (or do in the future) I extend certain deals just for you so be sure to check your profiles. 😉 Thanks again and have a great holiday season!

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Nov 26

Brent Duke: Back from the Land of the Leprachauns

hey guys in know i have not been online or even posted in quiet some time, but i would like to keep you all up to date as life goes on so far,,, well. my twitter acount got a suprise a famous actor LIKED my tweet to hes page to my suprise, i was delighted he done so, not naming names but will in chat tomorow night, i will be online after 6pm irish time, thats g.m.t y dog duke got fixed two months ago, since then he is piling on weihgt, which i am loosing the battle to keep it off,, he is sleeping way to much for my liking. trying to keep him out and keep him fit is a battle,, all he wants to do is sleep and and sleep i know i havent been on and when i say i am coming online i dont show, this time i will be online for 4 hours tomorow night in a hope to see you all and have some great cats and some fun,untill thenhuggs kisses

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